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Sustainable Design

For living that feels as good as it looks

We are Adelaide Architects who specialise in eco-friendly, sustainable architecture. Embracing strawbale construction and responsible design practices, we create environments you’ll love.

Experience matters

Since 1987, we’ve successfully completed more than 1,000 sustainable design projects incorporating environmentally friendly methodology into strawbale buildings, home additions and commercial builds. It’s why South Australians’ trust us for sustainable architecture design solutions.

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Hahndorf Strawbale House

PROJECT DETAILS Location:                                 HahndorfConstruction timeline:       Nov 2018 – September 2019           ARCHITECTURAL BRIEF Hanhdorf Strawbale House was conceptualized …

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Norwood Restorations continued

As the work progressed there were other areas of restoration and work processes that made the project successful. The ground …

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