As engaging an architect can be a daunting process we offer a pre-design service where we can get to know each other and brainstorm the project brief, budget, aspirations, design styles, etc. of the project. We will undertake some initial research to investigate the site, and local councils etc. so that we are better equipped when we move onto the next stage. At the end of the process we will ensure that the architectural design process is suitable to your project needs.

We offer two Pre-Design services a free in office service, or we can meet on site to discuss the project for a small fee.

Preliminary Design

We will work with the client to obtain a brief for the work required and ensure that the budget. We will research with local authorities (Councils, Heritage Advisors etc.)  the requirements of any construction on your site. We arrange a visit to the site, where we will measure any existing buildings, or site features, understand the micro-climate, and correctly ‘site’ the building. We will develop conceptual design drawings and any other information needed to fully explain the concept.

Design Development

During the design development stage, the conceptual drawings will be developed into more detailed drawings suitable for planning approvals. At this stage all aspects of the design will be reviewed and tweaked if required to suit the your brief. We will confirm the selection materials and colours used in the design. We will also ensure that the design meets any statutory requirements, like the CFS requirements for building in Bushfire Zones. At the end of this stage, we will submit the drawings to the local council for Planning Approvals.

Construction Documentation

We will prepare appropriately scaled drawings that detail the construction requirements of the building so that a contactor can be employed to build the project. During this stage we work closely with the you to ensure that the correct fixtures, fittings, colours, etc. are all designed and documented. A written specification will also be prepared during this stage. During this process we will seek Full Development Approval, through a Private Certifier.

Contractor Selection

We can help on the selection of contractors for your project. We will prepare the tender documents (drawings, specifications, approvals, etc.) and send these out to 3-4 contractors to get a competitive price. We will help negotiate with the proffered tenderer.  Once you are happy with the contractor we will organize the signing of the Construction Contract (Typically ABIC contracts).

Contract Administration

We will administer the contract between the Yourself and the Contractor, we will assess the quality of the work being produced, ensure that the work is being built as documented, respond to the contractor’s queries, etc. We report to you regarding time, cost, and progress. We will also assess and approve all of the contractors Variations, Progress Claims, and Extensions of Time.

When the work is complete we will issue a Certificate of Practical Completion and assess any defects and ensure that the contractor will rectify these issues.

Interior Design

We work with you and our in-house interior designer selecting colours, materials, etc. We will produce material boards so that the you can touch and feel the finishes that they select and see how it all works together. We will also provide more detailed joinery design and documentation.

Coordination of Consultants

Throughout the entire design and documentation process we will help you with the selection, and coordination of all required secondary consultants. This could include Structural Engineers, Acoustic Engineers, Wastewater Engineers, Energy Assessors, Landscape Designers, Surveyors etc. We will advise you at what stages you may need to employ additional consultants and help obtain quotes for their work.