Location:                                 Hahndorf
Construction timeline:       Nov 2018 – September 2019          


Hanhdorf Strawbale House was conceptualized in early 2017. It is an example of an energy efficient design harnessing the strengths of strawbale as a sustainable construction material in a contemporary architectural design. The footprint and form of the house is defined by and responds to the context of the site through consideration of existing structures, plantings, as well as the natural slope of the site, privacy, and desired views. The most critical considerations of the design were made with regard to its sustainability and energy efficiency. This includes consideration of orientation, building materials, and solar loads, which were tailored to existing local climatic conditions such as rain, wind, temperatures, etc.  

The design integrates a central outdoor courtyard that acts as an anchor point between two wings of the house. The North-West wing includes an open plan dining/living space and study nook, whilst the South-East wing includes bedrooms and a central bathroom. Strawbale construction is used as the external walls of the bedroom wing, providing thermal comfort by optimizing its thermal insulation properties. In the living/dining space, a stone fireplace was integrated on the (W) wall which is also strawbale.