Freeling Primary School – New Pre-School

Freeling, SA
Completion Date:
December 2016
Cost Range:
$2.5 Million
BDCO Architects
Sustainable Features:
Orientation, Solar Collection, Natural Ventilation, Natural Daylight, Reverse Brick Veneer Construction, Highly Insulated Walls

The original Freeling Pre-School, a poorly-insulated timber transportable, was in a relatively inaccessible location and well past its use-by date. A new preschool incorporating modern building techniques was proposed for a more suitable location. This not only provided better entry access for parents and children, but also spilled out onto a nature play area featuring dry creek beds, meandering stone paths, native plants and a large, established peppercorn tree.

The colours and materials were selected to provide an exciting and robust learning environment, with bursts of orange, blue and yellow creating visual interest. With the new building designed to accommodate 33 young children, safety was a critical factor. Materials for this project were carefully screened and selected to ensure they were manufactured without the use of harmful chemicals. We also chose to source locally manufactured materials where possible to support the local economy.

To provide a comfortable and economic end result, we implemented a number of strategies including high windows to allow natural light to flood into the building, and highly insulated timber framed walls clad with reverse brick veneer to naturally stabilise internal temperatures.



Our project team consisted of the following;
SECON Consulting Engineers – Electrical, Hydraulic, and Mechanical Engineers
Chris Sale Consulting – Cost Managers
Resonate Acoustics – Acoustic Engineers
Jim Wilson Pty. Ltd. – Structural Engineer
Hemisphere Design – Landscape Architects