Lake Windamere School

Lake Windamere
Completion Date:
Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure
Cost Range:
$4,500,000 - $5,500,000
Bohdan Dorniak & Co.
Sustainable Features:
High insulation, north facing windows, high level operable windows

Lake Windemere Primary School is the result of an amalgamation of two schools. The project consisted of the design of a Children’s Centre and the refurbishment of three existing classrooms to make the spaces more energy efficient and pleasant for learning.

The Children’s Centre is large enough to house 65 children, with an additional section attached for community meetings, etc. Following consultation with the school, our approach in the design of the Child Care Centre was to create a happy environment using bright colours, interesting spaces and establish a new outdoor learning space incorporating natural play spaces, vegetable gardens, and fruit trees.

The existing classrooms were refurbished with new carpets, sun shading, thermal and acoustic insulation, and operable walls to provide flexible, comfortable teaching spaces. The existing “Solomit” ceilings were mouldy and replaced by new acoustic plasterboard and perforated corrugated iron for a healthier learning environment, while energy efficient lighting was installed and old air conditioning replaced with economic reverse cycle units. Colour was a major factor in the design to provide a pleasant, stimulating teaching environment and feedback from staff and students has been very positive all round.