Lynton House

Lynton, South Australia
Completion Date:
Cost Range:
Peter Hoare Photography (via builder)
Sustainable Features:
Double glazed windows, high level insulation, strawbale, rainwater tanks

Our clients had purchased an old house in Lynton with a northerly aspect and panoramic views of the ocean. Wanting an exceptionally energy efficient home, the plan was to demolish the existing house and rebuild to achieve an energy rating that surpassed the rating that had been proposed by a high-volume builder they had spoken with earlier.

To minimise waste, the new home was able to recycle some of the materials from the old house. Existing mature trees were also kept to maintain shade.

The design was a solar passive, incorporating well-ventilated rendered strawbale walls and highly insulated roof to achieve the energy efficiency our clients sought. Upon request, we supplied a fully documented set of drawings and specifications, which the clients used to project manage the successful build.

We were able to achieve an 8.5 star rating for this home using a range of sustainable design elements such as substantial insulation (walls strawbale R6 +  and roof R5), strategic use of double glazing and high level ventilation clerestory windows, and leveraging thermal mass from a tiled concrete slab. We also endorsed highly energy efficient lighting, tapware, and use of rain water tanks, and well as a pergola on the north side to provide shade and comfortable outdoor living.

Our clients commented that “During summer, we didn’t need any form of air-conditioning – the ceiling fans and cross ventilation worked really well!”