Pennwood Village Aged Care Additions 2011

Pennington, SA
Completion Date:
Serbian Community Welfare Association of SA Inc
Cost Range:
$3,000,000 - $5,000,000
Sustainable Features:
Solar Hot Water, Low Energy Lighting,

Good Aged Care Housing design allows residents to lead a lively and healthy lifestyle in a safe and spacious environment. This project is an addition to an existing Aged Care Facility which is linked to the facility via a covered walkway. The 20 additional rooms all have access to a landscaped garden including decorative and productive vegetable and fruit trees areas able to be watered by rain water tanks.

During design attention was paid to ensure good light wide corridors, energy efficient design with well insulated building fabric, solar hot water, low-energy lighting, “future proofing” such as provision for computers and satellite TV. The staff and carers as well as residents have commented favourably on the design of both the internal and external environments.

The two new buildings were designed to complement the existing architecture of the site; they utilize traditional domestic construction methods and aesthetics. ‘Homely’ proportions to all rooms were considered along with materials that will generally be found in the residents previous homes. This is to ensure that the residents have a smooth transition and the Aged Care Facility does not feel clinical.